About Us

about TEK Inspirations is a passionate and dynamic team dedicated to provide global IT leaders a more simplistic and enhanced IT staffing and IT training services through the tools of infinite passion, precision and innovative technology. Founded in 2013, beside United States, we are operational in India thorough our regional branches.

Our staffing division is focused and strived to hunt on and place top IT professionals in contracts, contract to hire, statement of work (SWO)… to the global IT hunks and the budding start-ups who are all set to redefine the technology we look it as of now, who all of them are in hunt of perfect resources and cutting edge technology. Our cost effective services and expectation meeting models prove precisely fit as per our client requirement.

We are a fast growing company deepening our roots with the clients’ trust as we are advancing. As of now, we too have the pride to render our services to IT applications and software development besides staffing as we are proud to have the highly seasoned and skilled founders who are rightly the IT masterminds .The founders themselves takes utter pride to work and guide the projects for the next generation for redefining the technology.

We always witness something great and prefect when delivered by a domain expert and passionate! TEK Inspirations knows very well how to augment the latest and state of art technology to meet beyond the expectations needs for the business and know very well what IT leaders need- The Perfect Resource & Cutting Edge Technology, to turn an idea into a million-billion dollor business and we are not stopping here, we have expanded our wings to redefine the next generation IT, that’s why we are your way to technology.

So, whether it’s your need for the IT staffing, consulting or IT applications and software development, we are here round the clock to end your search for perfect IT professionals or bringing your business objectives beyond the expectations!